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Most importantly, we are who we say we are, working tirelessly for the learning success of our students at Koru School.

Our principal Stan of Koru School

The voice of our leader

Welcome to Koru School. We are a large school that provides wonderful learning opportunities for our students. Our students are respectful, confident and proud of their school. Our school values are part of our culture, which supports essential life skills and includes resilience, respect, and integrity. Our school curriculum provides great support for student learning.

Our strength is our people, our pride in our students and the dedication and commitment to helping our people be the best that they can be.

The voice of our Board

It is not necessarily the type of school you send your children to; it is the quality of the school that you send your kids to. I found that match at Koru. My dreams for my children are consistent with what the school is providing.

When I look around Koru School, I see a place of hope where children can thrive. I love how our school is innovative, fun, creative in communicating to a diverse community, age group and keeping our children engaged.

We are happy when we know that our children are happy. Transparency in learning is important, and if our children are struggling, or learning gaps are identified, these get addressed. As a parent, good facilities and education are really important.

We love our open learning environments, support with transitioning to secondary school, our leadership team and teachers because of the passion they have for our children, focused on our needs, with a sense of humour, care and value.

Voice of chairperson

The voice of our students

When asked to inspire our teachers, our students shared these thoughts:

A good education role model can change everything for me

We love you because you care

Always challenge us

Light our learning

Teach from the heart

What we learn becomes part of us

Thanks for helping me

A good education can change everything

My future is in your hands

We love you because you care

Never give up teaching us

Help fill my bucket

What we learn becomes part of us


Develops critical thinkers who persevere and drive their own learning. Encourages students to be ambitious, creative, and curious. Promotes positive collaboration in learning and teaching. Fosters a culture of respect, inclusiveness and belonging.